Research Projects

Successful Grants:


$93,000 NSW Family and Community Services, Liveable Communities Grant. This grant is to develop support documents to support the inclusion of older people in residential aged care in the teaching of ageing. Older people in residential aged care are often isolated and are not recognised for the valuable and rich life experiences that they have to share. The outcome of this project will be models and strategies for managers, educators and older people to facilitate the sharing of life those experiences with the aged care workforce.


$10,000 CSU Learning and Teaching Grant: To develop gaming strategies to enhance learning about ageing. Students will have the opportunity to implement assessment skills and subsequent clinical decisions related to working with older people through the use of avatars. Students will be able to appreciate the direct impact of their nursing practices on older people through the avatars. Chief Investigator: Maree Bernoth and the development team is L. Croxon, A. Hohol, D. Winkler, R. Fell, B. Atkinson and S. Theobald.


$14,000 HETI grant: Exploring non-traditional, quality clinical placements in an aged care facility in Western NSW. This led to a report to the funding body, Enabling Community: Partnerships for Learning and Mentoring in Aged Care and a conference presentation. The research is continuing. Chief Investigator: M. Bernoth, and research team L. Croxon and Dr J. Anderson. Outcomes: This project has eventuated in an innovative approach to attracting registered nurses to rural aged care and substantial links between CSU and the aged care industry.


$60,000 CareWest – Lead Institution in a grant with CSU as Subcontractor. Entitled, Social and Community Links: a driver of healthy and active ageing, it explored the impact of dedicated aged care specialists working with older, community dwelling people who are isolated with the aim of reconnecting them with their communities in a way that is meaningful to them. Co-Investigators: Morrison, Mark; O. Burmeister, Z. Islam, M. Bernoth, R. Dionigi. A three year project with initial data being written up for publication prior to the final data collection phase.